Corporate social responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility idea in India is represented by Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules made there under where in the measures has been accommodated surveying the CSR qualification of an organization, Implementation and Reporting of their CSR Policies. India having the most expounded CSR instrument and execution procedure has begun its excursion to set a benchmark in achieving maintainability objectives and partner activism in country building. Also, India is the primary country to make CSR mandatory for qualified organizations in India.
In accordance with these public undertakings and with a goal of “Everyone’s Growth”, Simero Ceramics has embraced the different CSR exercises for incorporating social, natural, and human advancement worries in the whole worth chain of corporate business.

S. No Name of the foundation Purpose of the foundation
1 HIGH ON LIFE FOUNDATION High on Life is an idea- to see India as a drug-free Nation by educating the young breed of India about the evil effects of drugs & reinforcing the message for inspiring, motivating and supporting drug addicts to stay away from the perils of drug abuse and start staying High on Life.
2 Shree Umiya Manav Seva Trust – Morbi Widowed women-Orphaned minors-Helpless old people-Provide all kinds of financial and social assistance to financially needy patients / students, show them the true direction of earning and help them. Nationalism is awakened in the people, the countrymen will come together to dedicate their body, mind and money for the nation. The countrymen will work together to awaken the spirit of human or natural calamity upon the country.
3 KARMAPUTRA CHARITABLE TRUST Working for Women empowerment-financially needy students-health-Social equality and build strong society- Running a cowshed for disabled and stray cows